Azio Luxury Vintage Keyboard

You know, with all of the keyboard manufacturers out there making all kinds of keyboards, you would think that we would have more models that aren’t just boring black or white finger bangers. Sure, there are some that stand out, but mostly these keyboards are all the same. Which is why it is so good to see the Azio Luxury Vintage Keyboard.

A Keyboard With Class

This is a vintage typewriter mechanical keyboard with luxury style. It even has genuine leather or wood, metal alloys, and backlit keys. It combines the best of the typewriters from the past with the best keyboard technology of today.

Other features include spherical round keycaps and pillar feet with adjustable height. These keyboards are so retro-lovely. They are as much a work of art as they are a functional tool. They’re available in either Wired USB interface with Windows layout or in Wireless Bluetooth + Wired USB combo interface with switchable Mac or Windows layout. Bluetooth lets you use it on the go like a portable keyboard.

Pair these keyboards with the AZIO Retro Classic Palm Rest and you will be typing in style. The palm rest is made with genuine top grain Italian leather and sits in a sturdy aluminum alloy frame.

The nostalgia of years gone by is perfectly captured in the design. Speaking of design, the designers wanted to incorporate natural materials for a higher quality build while also bringing back the nostalgia of vintage goods that make a mark on our physical touch and senses.

Azio Luxury Vintage Keyboard

A keyboard to fall in love with.

Love The Act Of Typing

This keyboard is all about humans connecting with it and experiencing feelings. It works! You really can’t help but be blown away just by looking at it. It is just full of charm, quality work, and materials, and a passion for beauty.

It is a keyboard that transcends the act of typing and one that is full of class. If you aren’t tempted by this peripheral, you just don’t like beautiful things.


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